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Welcome to FoxCommerce! The Fox Platform is a large and diverse set of modern services that allow you create next generation commerce experiences.

API Reference

See the API Reference for detailed information or the guides below for a tour of FoxCommerce features.


Customers/Checkout Guide

Learn about customer accounts, registration, and checkout.

Registering a User

Signup will register a user and return the user information and a JWT authorization token.

var fox = new FoxApi();
fox.auth.signup('john@doe.com', 'John Doe', 'password')
    .then(({jwt, customer}) => {
        //customers can also be guests.

Orders Guide

Learn how to manage orders and process orders.

Getting An Order

fox.orders.get('BR42443').then((resp) => {
    var order = resp.result;
    var referenceNumber = order.referenceNumber;
    //orders are read only except order state.

Products Guide

Learn about products, variants, and SKUs.

Getting a Product

Along with the product id, you must specify which view you want.

fox.products.one('default',1343).then( (product) => {
    var title = product.attributes.title;
    //attributes are typed and customizable.

Inventory Guide

Learn about how to track inventory and make products available to customers.

Search Guide

Learn about searching products, customers, and orders. Learn how to create search queries using the query language.

Merchandising Guide

Learn about offering discounts and promotions to your customers to increase conversion.

Personalization Guide

Product recommendations, targeted messaging, and product reviews.

Events Guide

Understand and react to what is happening in the system.

Extending Guide

Extending the storefront and back office.

Channels Guide

Learn about selling your products on amazon and managing orders.


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