Customers and Checkout Guide

The Fox Platform has a fully functional Customer Management System including support for guest and login accounts.

This guide will introduce you to customer accounts and the checkout process. By the end you should have an idea of what the checkout process looks like and how you can structure your storefronts checkout code.

API Reference

See the API reference for more.


A Customer can either be a guest or have a login with a password. In terms of buying products there are several advantages for customers having a login such as having access to their address book and payment methods.

More about Accounts

Registering a User

Signup will register a user and return the user information and a JWT authorization token.

var fox = new FoxApi();
fox.auth.signup('', 'John Doe', 'password')
    .then(({jwt, customer}) => {
        //do stuff with customer


Guest accounts are automatically created if a user isn’t logged in and touched their cart. During checkout you want to set the users email.



A customer cart is stored server side so that they can access it from any device. There is one cart per customer per channel. The cart is designed to support diverse checkout flows and there is no particular order in preparing the cart for checkout.

More about Carts

Getting The Cart

fox.cart.get().then( (cart) => {
    //do something with the cart like render it.

Adding Products

fox.cart.addSku('SKU-123', 10);


Once a cart is in a good state, you can checkout to create an order. The cart has a validator which returns errors about what information is missing or incorrect to create an order

Checkout Requirements

  • An email address

  • A Payment Method

  • A Shipping Address

  • A Shipping Method

These items can be provided in any order which allows diverse checkout flows.

More about Checkout

Adding a New Shipping Address

var address = {
    name: "John Doe",
    address1: "325 W Richmor",
    address2: "",
    city: "Seattle",
    phoneNumber: "6666666666",
    zip: 98109,
    regionId: regions["WA"],
    isDefault: false,
    country: 'United States'

fox.addresses.add(address).then((newAddress) => {

Adding a Credit Card

var stripe = Stripe('pk_test_6pRNASCoBOKtIshFeQd4XMUh');
        card: {
        "name": "John Doe",
        "number": '4242424242424242',
        "exp_month": 12,
        "exp_year": 2018,
        "cvc": '123'
}).then((token) => {;
    fox.creditCards.createCardFromStripeToken(token, address)
        .then((card) => {;

Completing Checkout

fox.cart.checkout().then((order) => {
    //Show customer order number and summary


Accounts can have an address book which can have any number of addresses. These addresses can be used for billing and shipping information. Setting a default address is required for single click checkout.

More Address Books

Getting Addresses

fox.addresses.list().then( (addresses) => {
    //do something with addresses such as choosing one during checkout.


Accounts can also have a wallet which stores the customers credit card information. Setting a default credit card is required for single click checkout.

More about Wallets

Fetching Cards

fox.creditCards.list().then( (cards) => {
    //do something with cards set as picking one during checkout.


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