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Inventory Guide

This guide will help you understand the Inventory system and how it functions during the checkout process.

The Fox Platform allows you to manage individual inventory items across warehouses. Inventory is automatically integrated with the Order Management System. Integration with a 3rd Party WMS is handled by integrating with the Event System and using the Inventory APIs.

API Reference

See the API reference for more.

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

The Fox Platform allows you to define the attributes of the goods you are selling including price, size, landing cost independent of inventory.

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Stock Items

The Physical item in a location is known as a Stock Item. The Fox Platform keeps track of each individual item with it’s own state allowing a more flexible and accurate system for tracking your inventory. The inventory is not simply a number on the SKU.

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Stock Locations

The Fox Platform can manage Stock Items across locations, whether it is separate warehouses or locations within a single warehouse.

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Shipping Methods

You can manage your shipping methods and providers using the inventory system. Shipping Methods can have arbitrary complex rules which allow for better display and selection in the storefront.

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Checkout Process

Inventory is checked during the checkout process and prevents checkout if the Available for Sale is less then the quantity requested. During checkout inventory goes into a hold state before being reserved. The order goes through a Remorse Hold state before inventory is reserved, allowing a window of time for customers to cancel orders inventory being fulfilled.

The inventory system keeps track of the time each individual item enters the warehouse. This allows for specifying which inventory is reserved during checkout by date. This is especially useful if you sell perishable goods.

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