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The Fox Platform has a fully functional Order Management System which integrates with the inventory and catalog systems supporting various workflows via a rigorous state machine.

This guide will go over orders and give you an idea of what you can do with them.

API Reference

See the API reference for more.


Orders are created after a cart goes through the checkout operation. Orders are read only except for their state which can go through several transitions.

When an Order is placed it gets put into a Remorse hold state. The Remorse Hold state has a configurable timer which allows a customer to cancel an order before it goes into a Fulfillment Started state.

More about Orders

Getting An Order

fox.orders.get('BR42443').then((resp) => {
    var order = resp.result;
    var referenceNumber = order.referenceNumber;
    //do something with the order

Line Items

Line Item are products the customer wants to purchase. Each line item has a reference and optional metadata. If a promotion is applied to a cart, line items may also have matching adjustments.

More about Line Items

Getting Line Items

fox.orders.get('BR42443').then((resp) => {
    var lineItems = resp.result.skus;
    //array that you can iterate.

Payment Methods

There is support for several payment methods including credit cards, store credit, and gift cards.

More about Payment Methods

Getting Payment Methods

fox.orders.get('BR42443').then((resp) => {
    var paymentMethods = resp.result.paymentMethods;
    for(var i = 0; i < paymentMethods.length; i++) {
        var method = paymentMethods[i];
        var type = method.type;
        if(type == "creditCard") {
            var brand = method.brand;

Billing and Shipping Addresses

A cart isn’t valid until it has a billing and shipping address. These addresses may be retrieved from a customers address book.

More about Addresses

Getting Shipping Addresss

fox.orders.get('BR42443').then((resp) => {
    var shippinAddress = resp.result.shippinAddress;
    var city = shippinAddress.city;

Getting Billing Addresss

fox.orders.get('BR42443').then((resp) => {
    var billingAddress = resp.result.billingAddress;
    //billing address is the same structure as 
    //the shipping address.


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