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The Fox Platform has a very flexible product model which allows custom attributes and different versions of the same product in difference channels.

API Reference

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Products are a collection of one or more Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) along with merchandising information such as a title, description, and images. If a product has many colors or sizes, you can add variants to the product and assign the SKUs to them.

You can add any custom property to a product that you wish. All Product attributes have a type which can help the UI decide how to render and manipulate the attribute.

Getting a Product

Along with the product id, you must specify which view you want.

fox.products.one('default',1343).then( (product) => {
    var title = product.attributes.title;
    //attributes have a type and a value in the 't' and 'v' 

Versions and Views

Updating a product creates a new version of that product with the same Identity. The Fox Platform maintains a complete history of changes including creating new versions for different storefronts.

We call these different versions Views of the product. Views enable great features like internationalization, staging workflows, verification, storefront optimization via Artificial Intelligence.

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Getting a Different View a Product

Products can have multiple Views.

fox.products.one('russian',1343).then( (product) => {
    var title = product.attributes.title;
    //Will return the Russian version of the product.


Variants are a specific variation of a product such as size and color. They contain a list of values that have that variation. For example if the variant is color then it may have several values such as “black”, “white”, etc. Each value has a list of SKU codes that have that value of the particular variant.

Variants can be used in the storefront to provide the customer with a widget to select attributes like color and size.

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Getting a Products Variants

fox.products.one('default',1343).then( (product) => {
    var variants = product.variants;
    for(var i = 0; i < variants.length; i++) {
        var variant = variants[i];
        var name = variant.attributes.name; //like 'color'
        //iterate through skus that have this variation
        for(var j = 0; j < variant.values.length; j++) {
            var value = variant.values[j];
            var name  = value.name; // like 'black'
            var skus = value.skuCodes;

Stock Keeping Unit (SKUs)

SKUs provide a way for a customer to select a product based on varying attributes such as size and color. Every combination of options is assigned a variant.

A product’s SKUs should be assigned to variants for customer to be able to purchase.

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Listing a Products SKUs

fox.products.one('default',1343).then( (product) => {
    var skus = product.skus;
    for(var i = 0; i < skus.length; i++) {
        var sku = skus[i];
        var code = sku.attributes.code;
        var name = sku.attributes.name;


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